How To Protect Young Trees From Wind Damage

During extreme weather conditions like wind, trees of all types, shapes, and sizes are expected to get damaged. But the young trees are more likely to be targeted by wind easily. The young trees need a lot of care and maintenance because even in summer or spring when there is no frost, these not-so-stable and young trees are at the risk of getting damaged when a strong wind hits them.  

We all know that any human cannot control mother nature, but there is always a way to protect your young trees from wind damage. So, follow these steps, and it will aid you a lot in safeguarding the trees.

1. Stake The Young Trees

Installation of stakes is a great way to protect your young trees. The primary purpose of stacking is to provide support to the new trees. You can either opt for a support stack made of wood material or choose a metal support stake. Both are readily available, and both of them function the same way that is to provide support.

Also, it is important to tie up young trees with the stacks by using a soft but robust fabric. While tying the trees, keep in mind to leave a little bit so space so that the trees can do their natural movements in the wind. A strong and robust root system and a strong trunk and branches can only be established when the young trees sway naturally.

2. Make Use Of A Cover

You can make use of a cover smartly and get enough advantage from it. The use of a cover saves your tree from several threats. You can cover the top part of a brand new tree, and the cover will do its job of protecting the tree from various animals, pests, and strong gusts of wind. Keep track of weather conditions, so when the weather is good outside, you can remove the covers and let the trees consume sufficient sunlight.

3. Water Your Trees Daily

Watering the trees is an essential part of the growth of the young trees. For the proper development of plants, it is essential to get enough hydration. Watering the trees regularly promotes strong and firm roots and branches, and it will lessen the risk of damage during a storm of wind. s

4. Maintain Your Trees Through Pruning 

Maintaining health by proper tree pruning is an important task to protect your trees from getting damaged or dead. Proper pruning of trees contributes a lot to keep your trees safe from these strong winds. When a tree is not trimmed or pruned properly, it will start to grow and expand its brands a bit too much that it begins to get bend under the weight. So, when this starts to happen, it is the right time for tree pruning.

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