What Is Tree Service?

The term tree service essentially refers to any work within the arboriculture industry that deals with the management of trees and the associated services related to tree species.

A tree service can be described as a team of arborists that are committed to providing tree maintenance services for a fee. Many components constitute the process of tree maintenance, but the main work will involve felling trees, trimming and pruning, and removing diseased or hazardous leaves and branches from a tree. Tree maintenance is primarily the process of felling/trimming/pruning in built environments such as roads, parks, and gardens.

A tree service company will perform other types of tree services as well. One such service offered is tree felling and limbing. Tree felling and limbing involve the removal of large branches that have grown too large for the area in which they are growing, but are not threatening the safety of buildings, homes, or other structures in existence.

Landscape maintenance encompasses a range of activities that are related to maintaining a healthy landscape and garden. You will find here updates about the latest in Tree Service Industry.

Qualities Of A Good Service Provider

Arborists also exist and their duties include the disposal of stump waste, the removal of needles and litter, and the clearing of roads and sidewalks of accumulated stump material. Certain aspects of stump control can be completed by homeowners themselves by removing decayed or dead limbs from a tree. However, in some cases where a tree has reached an advanced age or in which the conditions surrounding it are not safe for removal without specific assistance, tree service companies may be able to complete this work for an additional fee.